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Sysco Machinery

Sysco Machinery
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Sysco Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.was established in the year 2004 with Taiwanese investment and technical support of over 20 years of experienced personnel in the die cutting industry .We successfully manufactured machines in die cutting application for various industry and today is considered as one of the pioneer of die cutting machinery and the leader of machinery automation in industrial application in China. With precision, stability and efficiency our machine's design principle, we are able to meet customized machinery designs for our domestic clients .We have excellent regional experienced service support in many countries world wide we are now able to export machines to international standards .
Our products have wide range of application, such as vacuum forming and EPE foam industry, electronic industry- parts , and FPD & LCD-TFT die cutting , card manufacturing post printing and pre-perso, automobile parts die cutting application , square carpet tiles industry,PVC tiles,automotive industry and sports equipment industry..Our factory owns the most advanced manufacturing equipments to strive to producing the precision and standard parts of machines. Our factory has the highly experience team in R&D with good ability in PLC programming in order to keep our products world class standards .
Our parent company opened the Head Sun Machinery (Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd.in1989. We employ more than 150 work force by now. We give our best service to our customers and help projects to lower the cost, improve the working efficiency. Now, our machinery enjoys good reputation and have set a good example in producing professional and high -quality products and has high recommendation from our satisfied clientele . We welcome you to join us to help you make successful partnership to increase the value in your business.Your satisfaction and success is our philosophy.
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